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Sensor Technology used in Mechatronics

Sensor Tech

Sensors are used to give input to a PLC or other controller in real time regarding the system and components that they are connected to.  They behave like human senses to provide feedback to the "brain" of the system.  Much like these dogs hear, or auditorily sense, the things in their environment.


There are many types of sensors.  For example, even in a thermostat there is a temperature sensor.  There are also sensors inside smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that give alarm to people when harmful substances are detected.  


Here is a link to a great page with some really cool examples of sensors and how they are used.

Some other great sources of information about sensors:




Sensors that we will research in class are:

  • Light/Optical Sensors

  • Infrared Sensors

  • Vacuum Sensors

  • Proximity Sensors

  • Pressure Sensors


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