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Std. 4  Casting and Molding

Molding is the process of manufacturing duplicates of a product by using a negative 3D image of the part desired.

Mold is the permanent, semi-permanent, or expendable material that contains the shapes that are to be reproduced.  Molds can be a single piece that is intended to be destroyed to retrieve the parts, otherwise known as an expendable mold.  Molds can also be 2 pieces that fit tightly together to form one solid cast.  Semi-permanent molds are made of silicone, clay, or other materials that will show wear with repeated use.  Permanent molds are made of metal harder than the casting material being used.


Cavity is the negative 3D portion of the Mold that creates the shape of the reproduced part.

Casting is the part that comes out of the cavity of the mold that is the reproduction made of the liquid casting material

Flashing is the unintended consequence of having an imperfect fit between the halves of the mold.  This is a thin piece of the casting material on the exterior of the cast.



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