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Std. 11  Post-Secondary Institutions

Now that we have explored what the pathways are, we will take a look at where one can further their education in this area.

The four major career paths in Advanced Manufacturing according to the TN standards for education.  

  • Mechatronics-The combination of skills in electrical systems, mechanical systems, robotics, fluid power systems, and control systems for the advancement of manufacturing.  

  • Welding-The pathway that results in professional trades supporting the joining together of metals without the use of fasteners.

  • Machining Technology-The individuals that pursue this path learn to create precision parts or components from blocks of materials like metals and plastics.  These people are as much artists as they are skilled tradesmen.

  • Electromechanical Technology-The combination of the knowledge of mechanical systems with the electrical based systems supporting their operation.  This can extend into many service areas like HVAC.



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