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Std. 35  Emerging Trends


The landscape of manufacturing is constantly changing.  There are many new and improved means, methods, and materials that can be used today than those used even as recently as 10 years ago.  Just think of how 3D printing has changed the time required to produce prototypes or bring new products to market.  


In manufacturing, it is important be apprise oneself of new methods, materials. or processes that can increase the longevity of the product being sold, reduce the manufacturing costs, or reduce the process or field rejects.  


For students, it is also important to have good skills in research.  Living in a world that changes and advances so rapidly that materials in print become outdated, it is a vital skill for employability to know how to find and make use of the information available.  In today's society, there is a plethora of information available electronically.  Knowing how to take maximum advantage of the availability of that information can make a significant difference in the ability to perform a job better than the next Joe.  

Check out this cool flexible printed circuit in an article from Electronic Design! 




ASSIGNMENT  (Due at the end of class on Thursday, 04/11/19)


Students will choose one of 3 options as a means to show evidence of their research on Emerging Trends.  Details of the assignment are in the PDF below.


NOTICE:  This assignment will count as a 100 point Test grade and therefore is very important to every student's 4th quarter grade.  Additionally, there will be 2 classwork grades taken on this standard.  The first classwork grade (100 pts) on Friday, 04/05/19, will be based on the quality and quality of the data collected toward offering a clear picture of the topic covered.  The second classwork grade  (100 pts) on Tuesday, 04/09/19, will be based on the progress made toward the final product for the assignment.



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