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Std. 27  Components of a Mechatronic System


There are 6 types of components that define what a mechatronic system is.  They are:

  1. Actuator

  2. Sensor

  3. Input Device

  4. Digital Control Device

  5. Output Device

  6. Graphical Display


  • Click on the Forms link to the right

  • Use all the resources available on the web to answer the qustions

  • Enter the answers for your assignment in the forms

  • Click "Submit" on the form when you have completed your work.




  • Quiz will be on Wednesday, 01/30/19.

  • If we are out of school for any reason, the quiz will be the next school day.

  • The quiz will be worth 50 pts.  .

  • There will be 25 examples listed, you will list the best of the 6 types of components that matches.

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